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OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Layout Design Research

I'm going to look at more variations of publications, however, in this post, I'm going to be looking more closely at the layout design of the publications. Picking out small bits which work, and small bits which don't, in hope to apply them to my design. 

Some more work from Pepper Cinnamon. This magazine's layout is quite clean. For the type, it seems to use a two column layout. However, the images seem to be created in a sub grid, which is split down into many more grids. The publication also uses full double page spreads for beautiful imagery.

A far simpler layout design, one centralised column of text, justified to the left, with inserts for extra external content. It looks very clean and consistent throughout.

These layouts follow a two column style throughout, with fixed margins on their side throughout the publication. On some page, a centre justified single column of text which runs to the widths of the pages, in the existing margins occurs. It's a really strong design, consistent and clean.

Another publication using three columns with variable widths. The two columns to the inside margins are wider than column on the outside margin. I've not seen this too often, it works rather well, i think. The text seems to be positioned on the lower two thirds of the page, leaving the upper space for a heading or an image to complement the type and layouts.

This layout following a two column structure, which is often broken my images and headings, which either fill the page or are centre aligned. The full images work really well with the clean design.

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