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OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Further Publication Research

I'm looking more into publications, however, now I'm looking in a more focused direction on how I would like my publication will look, I feel a cleaner more sophisticated look would suit my content, rather than a brash, cheap look. Of course, as I've discovered from previous endeavours, when you're designing to a minimal clean style, you must use a quality stock, to assure the design feels premium, if I were to print onto printer paper, the quality would appear flawed, and the design would look extremely cheap. The opposite of the look I'd like to achieve. 

The publication above, shows an how might utilise the space in my Aston Martin Racing publication. The text is split into a three column layout, justified on both sizes, usually centralised. There is a vast amount of space around the text, which works, I think, It looks minimal, refined, the use of grids makes it appear well designed, crafted with care. The publication devotes spreads and leaves to full image images, which work really well in contrast the the white, minimal pages around it.

The publication above uses a similar minimal, white space efficient layout. The pages offer large space for imagery, which works well, in contrast, with the page layouts throughout the rest of the publication. The publication, throughout, also uses black strokes, dotted and thick, to separate and divide proportions of the page, such a paragraphs, headings and subheadings, the weight and style of the stroke differs depending the importance of the copy to which it accompanies. It's an interesting way of establishing hierarchy, typically you would alter the weight of the type, or change the font, or even typeface, to allow the copy to stand out, or not, to the designers taste.

Another example of a publication which adopts the minimal design throughout, also using strokes, rather thin in this example to separate type and image. Some of the pages are devoted to large images which clash with the layout, for example, the first and second spread is just a gradient. I don't think it works in my opinion, I feel an image would have worked better, it feels rather brash, in my opinion.

The final publication I've decided to look at is a small publication, a similar format to how mine might look, due to the requirements of the brief. It uses a diverse, but consistent colour palette throughout, uses for headings and illustrations.

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