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OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // Fedrigoni Previous Promotion Collateral and Woodstock Range

I'm researching into the previous promotional collateral for Fedrigoni and previous calendars which they have used. I'll be using this to inform my ideas and the design process, seeing what has done and what hasn't been done before. 

The calendar above uses cut outs of the date, which stands upright, for easy visibility, whilst allowing you to see the colour of the paper underneath. 

This example uses various different colours of the Woodstock ranges' stock. It also uses spot varnish which lines up on all the different publications. 

Origami, using different tones within the blue colour range to create a tuxedo out of Fedrigoni's paper. It's extremely impressive, although it's something I'm not sure I can do myself. 

The following is a small publication promoting Fedrigoni's Woodstock range. It has created a crater by cutting a hole in the stock, getting smaller each time, allowing you to see the paper underneath. 

Unfortunately, this was the ONLY image I could find of the Woodstock range on Fedrigoni's navigable website. It shows the colours and the quality - kind of. 

Two promotional publications which use Fedrigoni's range throughout. They all look very interesting, and they all use the full range of Fedrigoni's stock, as you can see with their broad range of colours. 

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