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OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // No. 7 Antiques Price Tag Research

No. 7 uses existing price tags throughout their shop, however they are fairly plain. Only displaying a price, I'd like to create a designed version, a version which works, 

This collection of tags, from Pepper Cinnamon, aren't specifically price tags. However, they reflect the style I'd like to base my price tags for No. 7 on. With the coarse, thick string, the authentic tie and classical design.

Above are a bunch of vintage price tags, to draw reference from. As I want No. 7 to have a traditional, contemporary feel to it, designs like these above are worth bearing in mind. 

The tag shown above is printed on an antiques white paper, using a two colour print, black and red. The tag design itself has stylised corners, modification on the top corners seems fairly  common in price tags, the tags at the top have rounded edges, and the tag below has an extremity top, for the hole to be punched. 

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