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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print // Screen Printing in Books

I'd like to screen printing in some part of my book, wether it be on the cover, or the inners. I've found some examples of screen printing applied to books. One of wonderful things about screen printing, is that it adds a certain texture to the books. Some depth, as opposed to digital printing. 

The example above, it a screen printed book cover, for 87 Octane. The white ink can be applied to white when screen printing, and with multiple passes, you can almost make the white look solid. As opposed to the print on the right. Something which cannot be recreated with digital print. 

Above is the fully screen printed book, for Craig Oldham's democratic lecture, which I myself own a copy of. The whole publication has a wonderful texture, you can feel the type, throughout. It's printed on mount board, that with the textured text, really has a solid feel. 

These two books, which I assume are part of a range, due to the likeness, are two colour on stock prints. Using a base colour, the solid yellow or blue, with the back printed over the top. Their 'artistic' style allows the prints to not exactly be aligned and still achieve the desired effect. 

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