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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Design for Web // Limited Colour Palette Research

I want to use a limited colour palette within my website. It holds form of sophistication, class and style. Which is what I think I need for my website, to communicate the conventions of James Bond.

Using black and an off white colour and the basis for this website, with a touch of blue to really add some class and style to the site. I think it's really effective. 

This website used black and white as their base colours. They've sampled a yellow from cakes in the image, to use a highlight colour throughout the website, making it pop, almost. 

This website uses a simple black and white background, throughout. Quite well designed, fantastic use of grids. It uses red and yellow to make it pop. Add some vibrant colour selection to the website, the two colours and used throughout as almost highlights, to the content.  

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