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OUGD405: Design Process - Collect, Catagorise, Communicate - Stamp Collector's Packs

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I've decided to create a stamp booket, similar to one you would get if you were to join a stamp collectors' club. They usually contain the stamps in the collection, and information about them. I'm trying to find a already existing format to base my designs from. So, I've collected some stamp collection-booklets below. 

The first, above, is a diamond jubilee stamp booklet, containing two stamps and information about the subject, queen Elizabeth. This booket is presented in a triple spread format, similar to a brochure. It also uses the royal violet throughout, and monochrome images, being in a tint of purple and greyscale, limiting the colour scheme to sleek purples, blacks and whites. 
The second a double-page-spread style stamp booklet for The Australian Army, displaying 7 stamps and information about them, and what they relate to, presumably, The Australian Army. This like the Diamond Jubilee. 

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