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OUGD405: Design Process - Research, Collect, Communicate: PRODUCT

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For this section of the brief, I was looking to, possibly, incorporate Frank Lloyd Wright's works into stamps, showcasing his most famous works, with their name and date on them. Sadly, with these I wouldn't be able to incorporate many facts on them, other than the date of construction, or rendering, for those which were never built. 

If I were to choose this idea, I would want to modernise the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's work, rather than using his hand rendered sketches, or photographs of his work, I would much rather use vector shapes, put together to create a interpretation of his work. Below, you can see an image taken from DeviantART user shoelesspeacock, who, focuses on this unique style of creating objects, machinery and  animals using vector shapes and lines.

I managed to find a selection of C19/20th inventions which shoelesspeacock created using is fantastic style, which conveniently, are on stamps. I really admire the simplicity of this designs, how the shapes and lines take the form of something intact and unique, for example; above you can see The Rocket, dubbed 'locomotive', which usually looks something like this: The Stephenson's Rocket (Photographed by me.) However, shoelesspeacock uses lines to simulate parts of the locomotives which would usually be solid, for example, across the middle of the rocket there is a large yellow drum/barrel which houses all the mechanics, in the vector drawing he uses lines to simulate the curvature of the drum. He also uses this on the funnel, which, sadly in the photograph I've taken is folded down, but you can see it's a cylinder shape, which he replicated with vertical lines. Essentially, you could say he's drawing in a schematic style, similar to that of an Architect.

I plan to test this style on one of Lloyd Wright's works, I've decided to use his well renown Falling Water. Using the book, Frank Lloyd Wright Sketches, Plans and Drawings (2011), I have access to all the sketches, schematics and renders of Falling Water.

Early perspective drawing.

Early perspective drawing.

Final plan schematic.

Preliminary elevation.

Preliminary plan.

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