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OUGD401: Lecture - Creative Advertising & New Media

Janine Sykes - Year Tutor - Creative Advertising

  • Understand distinctions between mass and new media
  • Consider shifts in aspects of advertising strategy
  • Speculate the implication of NM on creativity
What is new Media
  • 'media that work not through persuasion or impressions but through engagement and involvement'. (Sutherland, 2009)
  • Need to break with a past media 'model'
Advertising Strategy
  • Required speaking to the masses
  • Global print campaigns
  • Imagery of Britannia & Royalty suited all domestic and imperial markets
  • High-feeling strategy (signs = patriotism & empire)
High Feeling Strategy Today
  • Remember Reach Campaign (2010) AgencyTwoFifteen and AKQA
  • Launch Film Birth of a Spartan - announce Reach Beta.
  • 3 x Films prior and 4th film released after website debut
  • doom planet films, 700 millii Spartans fight to end
  • High-feeling strategy: loos, hope and remembrance
  • audience involved emotionally, through website campaign. 
  • Each person becomes a dot of light, moulding the shapes of the spartans, becoming part of the sculpture.
  • (creativity online)
Old and New communication Models
  • Old transmission
  • Transmit ideas to an audience
  • New cybernetic
  • Engage with an audience
  • Via computer (mediated communication cmc)
  • new mdi a based on… (ICTs) such as the internet and cell phones, invite us to think in exciting new ways about advertising, as an industry and communication process (Spurgeon, 2008)
  • The Kaiser Chefs' Bespoke Album Creation Experience (YouTube)
  • In collaboration with Universal Music Group.
  • Listen to 20 songs, choose 10 - make your own album.
  • Marketed at £7.50, which you can advertise, and make £1 back when someone else buys your version of the album.
  • Design your own cover.
  • You get your own webpage.
  • Designed to emotionally engage the audience
New Media Model
  • Advertising & New Media (Spurgeon, 2008)
  • Shift from Mass to My Media
  • More targeted (mobile)
  • Audience involvement:
  • a) voluntarily passing viewing ads (virals)
  • b) creating spoofs or filming events
  • More personalised - sharing with your friends
Viral; unpaid Advertising
  • Unpaid sponsor using the internet to persuade others to view content.
New Way of Communicating
  • Virals (ads) becoming part of our conversations
  • BMB after labour account
  • May elections 2010
  • Sent to Friend (Anti-Tory campaign YouTube)
  • From talk about to walk with
  • Trevor Beattie (BMB) Hello Boys & FCUK
Two Conversations
  • Thee Little Pigs Viral 992
  • Recession & Riots
  • BBH
  • Client is The Guardian
  • TV & Print
  • Celebration of NM itself; citizen journalism, open platform collaboration.
  • Idea transform brand from newspaper to; global news hub.
  • 'modern news is dynamic, participative' (Gonsalves, 2012) Head of Strategy, BBH London
Conversation three Invisible Children Campaign
  • R4 ICC Congo WarLod Lubanga guilty 30 years
  • March th released
  • 3 days 26million views. 5th day, 63 million views
  • Kony 2012 Campagin
Beattie The Big Creative Idea
  • Internet biggest idea since the wheel
  • Enables lots of small ideas to circulate
  • 'the combination of a trillion littles ideas to form one big idea.
Viewer Generated Content
  • Case-Study Coke-Mentos
  • Viewer-generated advertising worth US $10 millions to Mentos 'more than half it's annual advertising budget.
  • New Media threatens the top-down communication model
  • Audiences are actively managing media culture.
Creating a Dialog
  • Paul Burns (TBWA) 'talking with audience'
  • 40 million Old Spice (Advert)
  • Responding to a Tweet
  • The making of Old Spice: copywriter & Art Director Craig Allen & Erik Kallman W & K.
  • Released adjacent to the American Superbowl.
  • Actor X-Footballer/superbowl player ran opine then TV.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Keywords Superbowl
10 Reasons why this is the best time to be in advertising 
  • An audience with Sir John Hegarty, 25.3.10
  • No. 1 Agencies can innovate e.g NYC tourism campaign
  • The idea NYC = street culture = street musicians
  • Linked 2 campaigns "Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul" Getting Street Performers to play songs front their up-and-coming unreleased Album, Global distributions.
  • Announcements made websites with Google Maps
The Third Screen
  • Mobile phones will soon become the greatest tool for persuasion, more so than any other medium.
The Kairos Factor
  • Fogg (2003) primarily due to their kairos fact:
  • The principle of printing the desired message at the opportune moment
  • Location
  • Routine
  • Task
  • etc.
What is the impact of new media?
  • On the advertising agency
  • Industry debate
  • Mashup 09
  • "Structure the company to be social from the inside is necessary' Patrick (2009)
  • Digital Creatives (third role)
Putting Brands In People's Hands
  • No medium is dying eg.g Prit
  • Media different role in a narrative
  • Traditional announcements
  • Levis Go forth beautifully crafted photography
  • Wrangler jeans interactive site, like Remember Reach
  • NM up-close and tactile
Levi's Go Forth Campaign
  • Highly crafter film & photography
  • Walk Whitman poetry
  • Website
  • Global Go Forth Campaign
  • Wieden and Kennedy
  • Launch film Facebook
  • Cinema, then TV.
  • Illustrating the future Nike
  • Give people tools - life enhancing
  • Google and Facebook model
  • Nike plus - how run record
  • Nike Grid - training aid into 'game'
  • London transformed game board position recorded & compared against others.
  • Overlay of experiences

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