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OUGD601: Lecture // Organising Your Research Project

Doing your research project - Judith Bell

371.3 - Library 

6,000-9,000 word written element, and related practical work.

Minimum 2.5 hours 1 on 1 support on the written element of the module - and additional support for the practical.

Deadline - 15th of Jan, 4pm

15 weeks

Try to have a substantial draft submitted by Christmas

Project Overview

Start thinking about how those initial ideas are going to be turned into a dissertation and a synthesised project

Write down all the questions you want to investigate, about your topic. 

Consider each on their merits and focus on two (primary & secondary)

Write down first thoughts sheet for each question

What is the purpose of the study? Is your question researchable?

Working title - empathises can be changed. The work must relate to that title

Project Outline

Consider timing

Consider holidays/work/life

Think about you working title and the different component parts that need researching.

Allocate timings to each

Draw up a project outline based on the above

Allow generous time for initial reading and writing up

Factor in tutorials 

Literature Search

Reading takes more time than you think

How much can you actually read in 100 hours?

Start by trying to find out all the key texts on your chosen topic

Focus your reading based on an initial assessment of this survey

Finding key texts and plan time to read these

Find secondary sources / criticisms of key texts - triangulation 

Use journals


Start by compiling a bibliography at the beginning of the project

Reference everything as you go along

Include all details

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