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OUGD601: [STUDIO BRIEF ? - BRIEF TITLE] // COP3 Proposal Presentation

As part of our COP3 proposals, we were asked to create a short, informal presentation, running over our ideas on what we want to do in COP3, and how we will research it over the summer. Listening to all the other ideas within the presentations, as I was last, due to being cursed with a alphabetically lagging second name, my ideas evolved slightly from what's pictured within this presentation. As I will explain below.
I want to direct my work towards something relating to the 'first things first' manifesto, as my essay will encompass freudian methods of marketing towards men, and designing for the bad, designing for people to purchase things they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people they don't care about. Rather than designing for something good, like a charity.

 My idea is to apply the themes of consumerism, hidden persuasion and freudian methods to advertising, aimed at men, persuading them to spend on something good, rather than a commodity, in a nut shell.

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