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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Design for Web // Bad Web Design

Below, listed are some terrible examples, in my opinion, of web design, in no particular order. 

Evangel Cathedral // Plenty of flash based media, infinite loop media - appalling colour scheme, almost painful to view. It doesn't fit the context to which it was created.

Abbishek Designs //!/ I've never been a huge fan of the blown up stock images with grunge text thrown on the top, rasterized, then resized once again. On a more technical note, I'm struggling to find any use of grids, which are  fundamental to good web design. 

American Patriot Party // Plenty of clashing colours. The content seems to be squeezed onto the home page, with plenty of links on the left side. It just doesn't work. 

Palace Fun Centre // (Probably hasn't been updated prior to Y2K) The content seems to have created to fit an academy ratio monitor, infinite loop gifs, and a wonderful gradient to set the scene. 

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