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OUGD501: Context of Practice 2 (Seminar) - Comsumerism

Lecture Recap:
  • Freud - Instinctual desires, 'pleasure principle', when satisfied you become docile. Incompatibility with humanity and society. 
  • Bernays - Consumption satisfies the desires, we're made to think we're happy, so we're docile. As we believe our desires have been met. 
  • Social Control - Using the consumer system, keeping people passive and docile, people are less likely to start a revolution. 
  • P.R. - Commodities, society to people - a false need.
  • Fordism - Mass production, an execration of the amount of things available - Because of it's nature it produced disposable income, which increased consumption. Which lead to brand rivalry. (1920's)
We then were asked to pick out some key phrases, which supported the idea of consumerism in the text below, click to zoom!

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