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OUGD601: Practical Element // Final Logo Design and Development

I've experimented with a few concepts, as you may have seen in previous posts, however I believe I have arrived at the final logo concept for this project - I've once again changed the name of the nutrition brand to suit the idea more.

It will now be called Addition Nutrition.

Addition implies that it's something add, to incorporate. An inessential, which can supplement the existing. As that's the aim of the brand to promote the products as what they are - supplements to treat deficiencies within your diet, rather than legal steroids as the current market may suggest.

Based on the previous designs, with the tipped over tub of whey as the icon for the company, I sketched it up to see if I could draw on any more ideas - which at this stage I didn't, however time was against me, so i moved to illustrator where I could generate ideas as I developed the idea. 

Using the golden ratio, I attempted to make the tipped over whey look more aesthetically pleasing.

And this was the end result with the colours applied which I determined in a previous post, and I think the symbol works, however in a previous crit, see post, it was established that I should try the scoop coming from the top of the tub. 

I rotated the tub, so it was upright and moved the scoop to sit both the tub, whilst also creating some power in the scoop, and I really think it works well. It's clean, simple, elegant and very gender neutral. 

I then applied type to the symbol, using the tub to determine the cap-height, which the type has been been aligned to. The type, Beba Neue, has been selected as a use to it's lack of serifs, which are considered masculine and the other decorations. It's not too heavy for it to be classed as masculine and it's not light, so it isn't feminine. 

Alternative logo, inverting the colour selection. 

I also animated the logo, in after effects. Using a similar transition to the previous video, and also adding a slogan to the brand. Doing this creates a sense of realistic-ness to the brand. As my research has shown, every supplement company has some sort of catchy slogan. 

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