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OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // 'Cosmetics' Branding Research

I've conducted some quick research to develop how some cosmetics, such as soap, body wash and shampoo might be branded. Developing an idea of how existing brands apply their design to their products, I can do this to my own, which I will then integrate with the brand guidelines. 

I'm looking into a collateral range, in which cosmetic products are features, and I will explore how they directly relate to other products within the branding. 

The packaging using the colour schemes of the product throughout, in this case, the colours match that of the business cards.

The bottles use a wrap around label which contain the same branding as the bar soap packaging. 

The products all work as a whole. The consistent colour schemes, especially on the labels helps the product represent the brand more, and using the red and white string to tie the brand further to the rest of the collateral

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