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OUGD501: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Theory Into Practice // Final Product

I've created a product called Fertility, a piece of packaging designed to look like the majority of male fragrances on the market today. Using a limited amount of colours, and minimalistic packaging so the product 'stands on it's own'. Yeah.

Roman typography on the front of the packaging, to show it's traditional high class stature, reminiscent of type carved into marble, perhaps. With a gothic font underneath for the less important information. A developed system of hierarchy.

An outline image of the bottle inside the packaging, once again sporting the minimalist style throughout the packaging. To reflect the high class feel of the product, and the idea that it can stand on it's own, without elaborate packaging. 

The Synthesis of my practical element

The packaging, ‘Fertility; Fragrance For Men’ is designed to interact with the male audience. Based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of human nature and consumerism. The idea that all humans have suppressed animal instincts, such as sexual desires, which have no place in society; therefore they are ‘repressed’. My critical written element discussed the theme of consumerism targeted at the male audience. Sexual objectification, celebrity endorsement and ‘model envy’ which are used to convince and tempt the male audience to buy a product. Hoping that that product will become a gateway to the transformation of the consumer, into the image they have painted of themselves, forged through the product endorsement - making them look better, like the celebrity endorsing the product, for example.

Within the packaging, there is a 6ml bottle of fragrance. Extremely small, with a little amount of product within. The packing is 200mm in height, and 70mm in width and depth. The packaging is far larger than the product, deceptive, a fabrication-metaphor the male sex organ; a penis extension. A glorification, an exaggeration, similar to how a large majority of me portray themselves due to the to expectations of society - to which purchasing enhancing products is the answer, through the themes and ideas of consumerism.

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