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OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of Aston Martin // Cart Fest North, Primary Research

As part of my research for studio brief 2, I'm looking in to similar events, to see what's already been done, if it's good, if it's bad, what works, and what doesn't. So I'll know what I should apply to my own branding and identity within this project, if appropriate and relevant to my audience. 

I'm looking at Car Fest, hosted my BBC Radio 2 DJ, Chris Evans. I was able to attend the 2013 North Festival, which was held at Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire. 

The carfest logo, it's the same every year, although the date usually changes on it. The style of illustration used really reflects what the business is about, as it is for Children in Need, so the illustrative style works for the cause, as well as the target audience for the attendance, which is families. 

As part of Car Fest's branding and collateral, they produced wrist bands. The wristband shown is the weekend wristband. It's crafted from a plastic coated gloss newsprint, which is extremely durable. The day wristbands were a different colour, and made from card, rather than plastic coated newsprint, as they didn't need to be as durable. Since the event doesn't really have a set colour scheme, other than vibrant colours, so they're able to use a large range of colours to separate the wrist bands, depending on their meaning. 

The signage around the event also follows this trend, sporting bright colours and a fairly relaxed hand-written style font. The colours used within this are used across the band and within the logo. 

The cars featured at car fest were lined up and displayed, a huge number of car manufacturers brought dozens of cars.

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