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OUGD501: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Theory Into Practice // Mock Ups

I've begun to flesh out a new concept, following a small critique I took part in with a few members of the group - which I'll explain here. I presented the ideas displayed in previous posts, also mentioning I had context but no content to the idea. Which didn't make it very feasible.

Instead taking a product and re-marketing it based on the themes and ideas of consumerism. For example, re-packaging a fragrance. The fragrance is something which receives heavy treatment from consumeristic tendencies, the majority of ads for fragrances offer celebrity endorsements and other means of manipulation through association. The fragrance is marketed to be the tool which transforms the consumer into the celebrity endorsing the product.

I mapped out ways which I could rebrand a product to follow the consumeristic tendencies, I also discussed the types of products which I could re-market. So I have an idea of what I'll want to create.

I felt like repackaging a fragrance would be the way to go with this project, as fragrances are all but scents, nothing major. The fragrance I would package would just be water in a glass (or plastic) spray bottle. The packaging and promotion would be where I implement the themes of consumerism.

The plan is to create packaging which has been designed to make itself look larger than it actually is. Almost like a penis extension, against the other products. Like size matters.

The sketch above shows how the packaging would work, leaving space about the product, which isn't needed, only to make the product appear larger than it actually his, in hope that this would translate to the consumer's mind that the product would have similar effects to their 'manhood'. Amongst the other products. Size matters.

I then mocked up how I might like the packaging to look, so I know if it would be feasible to create when printing.

I sketched out a net, based on some initial research I had previous undertaken, I would say this is the most basic of nets.

I adapted the top half so it was 2mm wider, in every direction, that the lower half, so the two sides slide seamlessly together, without issue. The flimsy material which I mocked it up from compromised the design and manufacture of the packaging, but the real version will be printed on thicker stock, and perhaps even reinforced with mount board, or similar.

The twos sides, which have been separated, they are of equal length, but the stopper in the top half prevents them from closing fully.

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