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OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Further Layout Research

Following the layout scamps, I'm doing further research into layout design, as I want to have a more informed layout design concept before I design the final layout designs. 

The first example of layout design uses an eight column layout, which is then used to create 2-4 columns as a structure. The gird also seems to be used to implement images into the design.!/elle-deco-lab-n2

The magazine above uses a six column layout, which is used to split the page in two, devoting 3 of the six to a column of text on some of the pages, which is used to create two columns of text, or in other instances, the six are divided into a three column layout, using two columns for each column of text.

The layouts above use a two column layout, with a larger margin on the outside of the pages. The two columns are of different sizes.

The publication above, actually has a page which features the design and layout on on the pages, with a visible grid. It uses a six column grid throughout, and bases the type and image using the structure.

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