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OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // Codex Books - Logo Design Research

Codex is also in need of a logo. So, I've begun to look into logo design so I can get some ideas, to design a logo for Codex Books. I really want to include something which includes the iconography of a book, for rememberability. 

The logo above used the lines of the book, to depict the skyline of New York on top of it. The design is extremely simple, and works well, you can definitely tell the two themes, and how the work in synergy to overlap their meanings, effectively.
The logo above uses a book as a breaker between the crest and the title. It's very simple, using only 5 lines to illustrate the book. Using a roman font, which is the font books are typically printed in. It's worth experimenting with the fonts, to see is a gothic font might in fact work better with the logo. Depending on the style of the rest of the logo. 

The logo uses the shape of the book to illustrate the outline of a house, developing a synergy between the author (book) and the house. The I in the centre of the logo could perhaps work to become the author within the house. It's quite a creative thoughtful logo, using the themes of the company to create synergy. 

The loft directory's logo uses two sides of a book to illustrate and suggest the side of a building. 

Word Refuge use a book to illustrate a tent, a very playful creative logo. It uses a two tone colour schemes, for simplicity, it also makes the logo identifiable for a distance. 

Sail Across the Word's logo is extremely creative and playful. It uses the books to act as sails on the ship. I'm not sure the style of the illustration works well for a logo. It looks fine from up close, however the gradients on the image will begin to look confusing from a distance. The font chosen resembles rope, which you would find on a ship, which shows the thoughtful synergy of the logo, when it was being designed. 

The Designers Bookshelf logo 

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