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OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // No. 7 Antiques - Edge Painting Business Cards

Following some business card research, to get a premium quality to the cards, I want to incorporate some edge painting into the cards. The only problem is, I couldn't quite figure out how exactly to do it. So, I've researched into a DIY edge painting method, which will probably go wrong knowing my luck. 

An example of edge painting, it adds a highlight to the business card, which could make it stand out against other business cards, which is in fact the goal of any business card. The business card looks to be letterpressed, in some shape of form, and the edge painting seems to work extremely well with iit. 

Another example of edge painting, this card as been de-bossed with a letterpress, and the two go together extremely well. Although, I think that the stock needs to be rather thick when creating the edge painting, otherwise it seems rather pointless.

I've looked at a DIY tutorial, so I could learn how to do this myself. The blogger tried three different methods, and found the most effective, which turned out to be using acrylic paint and a foam brush. 

You can see the cards have been weighed down, to stop them moving, and she has used the foam brush to apply the paint to the sides of a stack of business cards. 

An example of how it looks once you've completed it. It's a really nice effect, and it definitely adds premium quality to business cards, something I will try to include in my business cards for No. 7. 

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