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OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // OAC Photography - Branding and Identity Initial Research

A small range of stationary for a photographer, using minimalist iconography. Although this a very small range of stationary and branding collateral, I feel it's slightly excessive for what I'll be creating. I don't feel I need to create a custom letterhead or a custom envelope. I think the idea of a custom SD card is very clever, however I feel it would be hard to achieve in this time scale.

The branding for this mobile photography business, featuring a small ranfe of collateral and what I assume are web proposals, which the client could take up with a web developer if they saw fit (or the designer could have fully coded them, I could be wrong). The designer has used an almost skewmorphic element - Realised upon viewing the profile of this Designer that it is in fact Sam Lane, a current level 6 at Leeds College of Art. 

Another small selection of branding and stationary for a photography business. Using off white papers throuughout and not alot of imagery, which is surprising. Portrail business cards are used, perhaps to promote the style of photography.

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