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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Design for Print & Web // Previous Entries Research

To get a better understanding of what I'll be creating, I'm going to look at previous entries to ISTD Mutton Quad, and previous responses to this brief. Doing this allows me to to see what has done before. It also let's me see what has worked, and what hasn't worked.

Kërn, Samuel Hoh, demonstrates the scope and the depth you can go into when creating this project. 

Full Stop by Millie Rose. It looks very bleak, plain, the illustrations are okay, however the reverse of the business cards really don't work together with the front. They're plain, under-designed, almost. 

Mutton Quad by Mike Davey

Eric's Grill by Danielle Smith

John Soulby by Luke Tate

Mutton Quad by Lynn Ferrari 

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