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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Design for Print and Web // Mutton Quad Branding Research

To establish and idea of what I'll be creating, I've decided to research into some restaurant branding. The branding of a restaurant is key, it's the first impression. You need to communicate what the product is about, who's it for and it's function.

Dear Me Brasserie & Deli brand identity by Daniel Ting Chong

The branding throughout this restaurant is vast, there is a set colour scheme throughout, with the logo acting as a constant signature across all the stationary and the labelling. The design of the logo is very clear, it's simple, not complex at all, almost catchy. It's bold, it stands out amongst the rest of the content on the items, such as on the website or on the labels or stationary. I think this is a really good example of how branding and colour can be applied throughout a large range of products. 

Fat Cow

The idea of creating some branding using an unconventional medium as the stock for the collateral. For the products which don't use the wood as the stock, the designer has used the brownish colour scheme, to suggest the wooden quality, which runs as a theme throughout the branding - giving it a sort of organic feel. 

Classic Burger Joint

I think the branding throughout this restaurant is really thorough, it shows how well and consistently you can apply a brand throughout an establishment in a really creative way.  The No Smoking sign is really creative, and it fits really well, showing it's relevance in it's application to the branding. 

Nonna Rossa Restaurant Branding

The above example is the branding for Pasta restaurant 'Nonna Rossa'. The scope of how their branding is applied is fantastic, it really shows a large range of ways just even a logo can be applied, how far it can be taken. I also celebrate how the designer has crafted the SS from the shape of pasta twists, showing the synergy between the design and the product. 

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