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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print // Layout Design Research

As part of my publication, I want to research into layout design, so I can present the information within my print manual, as well as I possibly can.

This piece uses layout in a very interesting fashion. Leaving a large amount of white or in this case, black space. It appears to use a rule of thirds throughout. What they don't do, is obey a rule with readability. Typically, you would allow room for 7-10 words per-line, and nothing more. Purely as the eye begins to trail off after 7 words. This publication uses type and readability in the same way a novel would, almost. Also allowing full pages for large impactful imagery. 

This is another example of editorial design. It uses white space, and a horizontal central gutter to separate two columns of text. Justified in a way to make it almost look centre aligned. They have pages dedicated to images, rather than using the full page for the image, instead they have a large amount of space around it.

The layout design featured in this publication has an overlapping grid. The lines of text extend onto the next page. As they do with the images, it's quite unusual, but it works. I wouldn't do this type of layout on a normal page, however on a double page spread, where the two leaves are of the same paper, I'm sure this would be more than acceptable.

This publication uses a few full page images, or in this examples, more specifically, and example of calligraphy.

These publications use full page spreads, with a small amount of information at the bottom, the absolute minimum needed. Also using an overprinting colour technique, on top of the images throughout the publication.

A slightly more plain layout design, using grids to create a central aligned, fully justified type, leaves a very aesthetically please look about it. That will full images covering whole pages, it does work rather well, and looks extremely balanced.

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