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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print // STUDY TASK 1 - Print Processes

As part of this brief, I want to research into the following areas, to gain a greater understanding of them before I begin working on my info pack. They're also mandatory for the brief. Production Methods, Stock Considerations, Colour Systems and Commercial Costings. I plan to communicate these topics in my info pack, using some of the methods described below. 

Production Methods:

Below are some production methods I shall gain an understanding of during my print research, through practice. 

The method above is spot varnishing.

The method used above to create a gold shine on the text is called foiling.

Above is a method which is called embossing, which extrudes the content through the stock, adding a raised look, a texture, something very unique.

The method seen above is screen printing - you can print screens. 

Letterpress, typesetting, as seen above. The type is constructed, set and then printed. 


Lino cutting, a process where you remove parts of a sheet of lino to create an image, which is then printed. 



UV Coating

Die cutting

Duplex Printing

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