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OUGD406: Design Practice 1 - Speaking From Experience

I'm interested in creating a small handbook as the method of delivery for this brief. The main obsticle for this idea would be binding the book, however, I found an inexpensive guide to creating professional looking books: which can be found here (imgur gallery)

This leads onto the actual design and look of the book, I'm wanting to keep it clean, and in the minimalistic style, using my newly acquired knowledge about layout designs which I've learnt in Design Principles. To create some interesting, attractive of experimental layout designs. 

Above you can see a simple cover design, following the minimal style which I like to use in my work, also using a simple bing around the edge, looking neat and professional. The use of a small range of colours helps generate this look, the white stripe which runs across the front, around the bound edge, and I imagine the back as well, separates the plain black, adding an extra layer to the cover, making it look slightly more interesting. 

This book, above, uses a more simple bind, with no side-to-side cover, this one uses two sheets of card which are bound with the paper. This book, which is low saturation colours on the plain card sheet has a lovely handmade quality to it, giving a certain sense of modest charm. The cover also uses cetre aligned gothic text, spaced out with a high leading and kerning, which generates a minimalistic style.

Above we see another method of binding which could be applied for our book making, this one uses coloured thread on top of some black card. The contrast in saturation and tone make the orange stand out on-top of the black. It would be interesting to see if i could apply this within my designs. 

Moving away from the idea of binding, above, we can see a book which folds out. This particular book folds out in a pop-up style, however, this wouldn't be essential if i were to implement this into my designs for my book. I think this is a refreshing, creative alternative to the traditional book bind. Which could generate an interest to my audience, of typically 18-25 year olds. 

Above ins another example of how i could present my final resolution. Creating a book, using the traditional binding method, and adding other additional inserts into a sleeve. I think this is a very professional way of presenting the final outcome. It also fits into the simple minimalist style I was hoping to achieve. 

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