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OUGD403: Name Tag Research

Sadly, my search of name-tags as come up rather sparse, despite the odd "Hello My Name Is" badge as we see most of the time. There was nothing which was cutting edge, new and innovative which I could use for inspiration in my designs. 

An example of a boring over-used name tag design.

Thankfully, I don't need to leave a gap for the recipient to write their name, I have to use my font and insert her name into the design. So, I've decided to look as some clean use business card styles for some inpspiration.

Above we can see a nice use of colour, I really like the brown colours used in these designs, I think it adds a nice contemporary quality to the designs, which I've love to include in my own designs. I also really like the simplicity in these designs, the use of shapes and a small amount of text gives the clean quality to the card, which I'd also like to use in my own designs.

I don't particularly like the design of the front of the card, however, I like how the designer has used lines on the back to separate the image up, I'd hope to implement, only this, into my designs.

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