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OUGD403 Design Skills: Alphabet Soup (Task 2)

Noma Bar

For this part of the task, we were asked to questionnaire our "subject", Lizzie. From this questionnaire I've learnt her favourite designer is Noma Bar. So I've conducted research into this designer.

Bar uses alot of simple shapes, minimalistic style to create a simple yet effective image. He often seems to use few colours in his work to achieve the simple minimalistic look, for example, in the image below, it depicts a dog, the largest white shape, and a cat, the smaller black cut out, from the white image, creating the dog's mouth.

I really think I can implement this style into the "Lizzie-font", perhaps, the negative space in the images, such as in a "G", could be shapes of things she enjoys, or even her favourite things. I think I could also replicate the bold, blocky forms from his images in the styles of the letters. 

I think the font Bubbleboddy would be good starting point to base the font from, the then adjust the styles and forms of the letters to my liking.

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