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OUGD401: Prospectus Analysis

The above is the new college Prospectus, in this short analysis I'm going to run through the good and bad points of this monstrosity, handbook. To start with, we have the front cover, printed in glossy red type a matte blue card with "Leeds College of Art" in times on the rear. The first problem we see here is the poor attention to detail. The front page would be centre aligned, but it isn't, due to the binder being placed to the left of the page, in the same colour, throwing the entire cover slightly to the right, the rear side suffers from this aslo.

Following this, we have the type itself, the simplistic looking font works fairly well, until you see the "W', which looks awful, and throws the whole page off. I would have used a clean simple font, such as Helvetica, with a normal W. Not so state of the art.

What on earth does this picture have to do with anything? Sadly, here, the introduction to the college of art is an image of the ceiling, not exactly sure what the designer was thinking here when he designed this page, and chose the image. I would've gone for something more traditional, such as an image of the front of the college from the outside, or the mosaic. Something which is moderately relatable, if that's not too much to ask.

The rest of the prospectus continues in a similar fashion, the images aren't the most relatable, or flattering, some of the images are literally thrown on the page in a obtuse order, which is really a shame, so much more could've been done to this, in my opinion. This is leaning more towards a deterrent than a persuasion.

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